Referral Link Policy

Some of the links in some of the posts here include referral links, mainly to Amazon. This blog is not a money-making venture: I include them mainly in the hopes of covering my hosting costs, and best-case-scenario the cost of the toy/game/book itself. So I don't want to the links to be intrusive -- you'll notice I only use text links, and generally toss them at the end of the post -- but I also don't want you to think I'm trying to sneak them in.

Please rest assured: Anything I point a referral link to is something I think is neat, useful, and/or a good value; i.e., worth writing about in the first place. It's something I'd be willing to spend my own money on, if I haven't already. If you have experience with something I have a referral link to that suggests otherwise, I'd be happy to hear it.