A delicious cup of coffee

Here's my recipe for a perfect cup of coffee from a single-serving French press. I use darker roasts with my press, because you get a thick, rich cup of coffee from it.

  • Place just enough coffee in the press to fill the space between the strainer when it's pressed down and the bottom of the glass. This is about 3/4" on my Bodum. Coarse-ground coffee if you can, but I find a normal grind isn't the end of the world.

  • Bring cold, clean water to a boil. Then let it cool for a few seconds, just until you don't hear it boiling in the kettle anymore.

  • Fill the press about 1/4 full, and stir. Let it sit for 15-30 seconds, stir once to break up the head of foam.

  • Fill the rest of the way with just enough water to put the strainer on without pushing water out of the glass; stir once or twice before you actually put the strainer on though.

  • Let it sit undisturbed for three minutes. In the meantime, fill your coffee mug with hot water; I leave the stirring spoon in here.

  • Lightly stir the coffee once or twice, and then let it sit another three minutes.

  • Gently plunge the strainer. Just use the weight of your hand, really; the more force you use, the more grit you'll get.

  • Pour the hot water out of your mug, and then pour your coffee. Enjoy!