Let me show you this awesome little ceratopsian toy: a pachyrhinosaurus made by Papo. This is the first of the handful of dinosaurs I've picked up recently. I don't really think of myself as a collector, per se, but it's totally reasonable to have two or three toy dinosaurs around. Sure, I have seven or eight at the moment, but when it comes to dinosaurs I am shameless.

I used to have a Dino-Riders version of this animal about twenty years ago. It had a then-thought-possible horn coming from the boss over the beak, which my cousin and I painted with White-Out for some reason. It also had removable armored laser turrets (which were never thought possible), could walk with a C battery, and was the exact same size and shape as the triceratops and torosaurus.

A toy pachyrhinosaurus, by Papo

This guy is more modest in size than the Dino-Riders version, but a thousand times more realistic. The skin texture and musculature give it a believable shape, though I admit I know nothing about their anatomy -- I don't believe they had antlers like this guy, but antlers on a big social herbivore are plausible enough to fall under reasonable artistic license. The alert expression and pose suggest a living animal, too, without getting into "dinosaur = dragon" territory. That actually sums up what I like in a dino toy: it has to be a model of a real animal that lived at some point, not a cartoonish monster or cutesy kitsch-creature.

A toy pachyrhinosaurus, by Papo

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